Greg Chasson Presentation at ABCT

Understanding how to spot and overcome perfectionism is mission-critical for improving the well-being and functioning of your organization’s workplace.

An Associate Professor and Clinical Psychologist at the University of Chicago, the author of Flawed: Why Perfectionism is a Challenge for Management, and a recovering perfectionist who is decidedly imperfect (just ask his wife), Dr. Greg Chasson delivers an engaging and powerful keynote address—The Productivity Finger Trap: Overcoming Perfectionism by Intentionally Surrendering Control. In addition to improved productivity, your organization will benefit from a more positive workplace culture and stronger profitability.

After experiencing this powerful keynote presentations, attendees will be able to:

  1. Think more flexibly and broadly to enable adaptability in the workplace;
  2. Greatly reduce procrastination and other avoidance behaviors to increase work output;
  3. Prioritize tasks based on values to enhance efficiency;
  4. Interact with colleagues in a less toxic and more effective manner; and
  5. Eradicate the negative effects of perfectionism without sacrificing high quality deliverables. 
Greg Chasson Presentation in Shanghai, China

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Dr. Chasson Delivering a Workshop in China

Enlist Dr. Chasson for live and/or virtual group-based consultation services for your organization’s leadership and teams. The services are designed to help your organization detect and overcome perfectionism with a focus on: 

  1. Identifying perfectionism in your workplace and within your teams and how it may be negatively impacting your organization’s productivity, culture, and profitability;
  2. Developing and implementing top-down anti-perfectionism solutions for your organization’s culture; and
  3. Designing and deploying anti-perfectionism solutions to help organization’s address perfectionism when it presents at the individual employee level.

Anti-perfectionism workshop services include synchronous half- or full-day workshops (live or virtual), delivered by Dr. Chasson, that are focused on didactics and group exercises. Workshop approaches include assessing for perfectionism using vignettes, engaging in role-plays, applying anti-perfectionism worksheets, and practicing how to design comprehensive anti-perfectionism solutions and implementation strategies for your teams.

Anti-perfectionism group consultation services include hourly synchronous group meetings (live or virtual) in which Dr. Chasson checks in with an organization’s stakeholders (e.g., leadership, employees), troubleshoots perfectionism concerns as a group, and provides support for detecting and overcoming perfectionism in your workplace.

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Hire Dr. Chasson for individual consultations for your organization. Services are tailored to each organization and may include (a) comprehensively evaluating perfectionism in your workplace, (b) developing individualized anti-perfectionism solutions for your organization, (c) assisting with the implementation of tailored strategies, and (d) facilitating long-term maintenance of anti-perfectionism techniques.

Please note, Dr. Chasson does not provide direct care, treatment, or clinical consultations for patients except through the University of Chicago Medicine.