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Media Presence: A Portfolio in Brief

Dr. Chasson has consistently provided insightful commentary across various media platforms.

Print Features:

Notable features include Boston Parents Paper (May 2009), where Dr. Chasson discussed children’s behavior in “Kids and Quirks,” and a translated interview in Revista Viva Saúde, offering an international perspective on hoarding.

Television Appearances:

Dr. Chasson shared expertise on challenges such as animal hoarding on (January 2011) and a narrative on WJZ (CBS affiliate) in February 2012, contributing a human touch to discussions of hoarding disorder.

Online Contributions:

Dr. Chasson’s online presence includes features on Voice of America,, Inside Higher Ed, and multiple podcasts, showcasing a depth of expertise.

Radio Engagements:

Dr. Chasson engaged audiences on 1090 AM WBAL Baltimore and 88.1 WYPR, unraveling the intricacies of compulsive hoarding.

Global Recognition:

Internationally recognized, Dr. Chasson discussed hoarding disorders on CNN Chile in May 2023, contributing to the global discourse.

Continuing the Conversation: Recent Features

Dr. Chasson remains at the forefront of raising awareness on hoarding disorder. Recent features in The Washington Post and BBC News Mundo offer valuable insights into the challenges faced during the COVID pandemic.

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