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  • Is original and separate from material found in my blog,
    my book, etc.
  • Remains exclusive to mailing list recipients.
  • Delves into topics that help your teams overcome perfectionism,
    which in turn improves your organization’s efficiency, workplace
    culture, and profitability. Example topics: Quiet quitting; burnout and perfectionism; perfectionism and the Herzberg Two-factor Theory; and perfectionism and the Peter Principle.
  • Covers topics on mental health more generally, specifically those
    pertinent to the workplace. Example topics: Overcontrol and responsibility; fear versus anxiety; hopelessness versus helplessness; and the Yips (for the
    sports enthusiasts).
  • Provides alerts and early access to new freebies (e.g., videos, tip
    sheets, articles), author and speaker updates, and sneak peeks (e.g.,
    chapters from new book releases
  • Some content may include my behind-the-scenes experiences with publishing a book (i.e., how the sausage is made).
  • Every so often, I might ask for help. For example, for my next book, I may seek volunteers to serve as beta readers or to join a team that receives Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs)