How to Obtain Your Discount for ‘Flawed’

Thank you for completing my cover survey for Flawed: Why Perfectionism is a Challenge for Management.

As a “thank you,” I’d like to offer you the opportunity to purchase the print and/or ebook at a sizable discount. But doing this is a bit tricky, as Amazon (my printer and distributor) doesn’t permit pre-sales and discount codes.

To get around this policy, I will be secretly pre-launching the book approximately 1 week prior to the public launch and setting the price significantly lower than the retail price set for the public launch.

While discount and retail prices haven’t been set in stone, please estimate a public retail price of $14.99 for the print book with a secret discounted price of $9.99. For the Kindle ebook, I please estimate $5.99 (public retail) and $2.99 (secret discount).

Please provide your information in the form below if you wish to receive an email from me with instructions when the secret discount window has opened.