Flawed Book Endorsed by Two Leaders in the Field of OCD

Greg Chasson is pleased to announce that his forthcoming bookFlawed: Why Perfectionism is a Challenge for Managementhas been endorsed by two leaders in the field of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Perfectionists on your team can become crippled by their own strategies, albeit with the best of intentions. Their behavior seems self-defeating and paradoxical. And they can bog down your entire team. Greg Chasson gives expert guidance about how managers can root out the cause of inefficiency and obstacles to success by helping you spot perfectionistic employees. And more importantly, he provides you with a multitude of strategies that you can use to help these employees truly tap into their potential.

Jeff Szymanski, PhD; CEO, Getting to the Next Level Consulting; Clinical Instructor, part-time, Harvard Medical School; Clinical Associate, McLean Hospital; Author, The Perfectionists Handbook

Overcoming “analysis-paralysis” by embracing uncertainty and imperfection is essential for operators to realize their full potential. Dr. Chasson has tremendously utilized his expertise as an OCD specialist and his adept teaching ability to assist leaders in mastering this important skill.

Stephen Smith; Founder & CEO, NOCD

Flawed will be available April 16, 2024. The paperback will be available wherever print books are sold. The e-book will be available through Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Unlimited program for subscribers. The audiobook will be widely available in late spring or early summer 2024.

You can get a Free Sneak Peek of the First Two Chapters.

Flawed is being published through Amazon, and they don’t allow pre-orders of print books. If you join his mailing list at www.gregchasson.com/mailing, he will send a gentle reminder on the launch date. He won’t flood your inbox.

Is a perfectionist good or bad for your team?

Step into a world where perfectionism isn’t a virtue but can be a disruption to management in Greg Chasson’s compelling book, Flawed: Why Perfectionism is a Challenge for Management, a powerful addition to the realm of leadership books.

As a renowned psychologist and expert in cognitive-behavioral therapy, Chasson unravels the complexities of perfectionism, making this book an essential read for those seeking self-growth, effective leadership, and successful team building.

In Flawed, Chasson dissects the double-edged nature of perfectionism and its detrimental effects on organizational productivity.

Tailored for managers and business leaders striving for effective team building, the book provides a roadmap for understanding, detecting, and solving five common ways perfectionism disrupts the workplace.

What sets Flawed apart is its practical approach to solving the perfectionism puzzle and fostering a growth-oriented work environment. Chasson offers a range of anti-perfectionism strategies and tactics, empowering leaders to build cohesive teams and drive success.

Trust in Chasson’s authority is well-founded. As an Associate Professor and Director of Behavioral Interventions at the University of Chicago’s Obsessive-Compulsive & Related Disorders Clinic, he draws on extensive research and practical experience.

Flawed is not just a book; it’s a transformative guide for leaders committed to effective team building and mitigating the adverse effects of perfectionism on both individuals and organizations.

Don’t let perfectionism hinder your team’s success—discover actionable solutions within the pages of Flawed.

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