Flawed Receives Stellar Review from BookLife (By Publisher’s Weekly)

We are pleased to announce that Flawed: Why Perfectionism is a Challenge for Management received a stellar review from BookLife (by Publisher’s Weekly). You can read the full review here.

Here are some highlights:

Chasson earns points for tackling a serious, largely underreported condition in plain, direct language, at times with a biting wit and much practical, hard-won guidance and illuminating tools, including his own “Emphasis Framework” crafted for “understanding behavior in a context of effort-value pressures.” Chasson’s prose is as clear as his thinking and approaches are rigorous. His examination of the inner conflict that arises in the ongoing struggle over whether he should or should not fold the household towels employs a simple, everyday example to drive home key points of being true to one’s values vs. the overall good of an organization—in this case his marriage. Many readers will immediately turn to revelatory the chapter about dealing with a perfectionist boss.

Takeaway: Eye-opening guide to the problems of workplace perfectionism and how to face them.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A

Flawed will be available April 16, 2024. The paperback will be available wherever print books are sold. The e-book will be available through Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Unlimited program for subscribers. The audiobook will be widely available in late spring or early summer 2024.

You can get a Free Sneak Peek of the First Two Chapters.

Flawed is being published through Amazon, and they don’t allow pre-orders of print books. If you join his mailing list at www.gregchasson.com/mailing, he will send a gentle reminder on the launch date. He won’t flood your inbox.

Flawed Launch Announcement, April 16th, 2024

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